Oral Cancer Screening in Broadview Heights

If someone told you that going to the family dentist could save your life, would you make the appointment? You may not be aware, but more people die each year from oral cancer than from skin or cervical cancer; oral cancer claims one American per hour. While the majority of oral cancer patients have high alcohol and/or tobacco consumption, a significant number of patients have no risk factors. Regular, bi-annual check-ups with your general dentist are your frontline of defense against oral cancer.

Dr. Altizer conducts an oral cancer screening on each patient he treats at his family dental practice. He will check your gums and lips for suspicious, painless, white patches, a sore that does not heal, or suspicious lumps. If he finds areas that need further investigation, he may take a brush biopsy, a painless scraping of the affected area, or he may refer you to a specialist.

Dr. Altizer believes prevention is the best cure. Do not underestimate the importance of regular dental checkups in fighting the battle against cancer. Our Broadview Heights office protects the smiles of patients from Independence, Parma, Brecksville, and beyond. Call us today so that we can protect your smile.