Teeth Whitening Services in Broadview Heights

Professional Teeth Whitening and Take-Home Trays

If yellowed or stained teeth keep you out of family photographs, here's something to smile about! Dr. Stanley Altizer brings a diamond sparkle to the teeth of image-conscious patients with in-office Zoom! Whitening.

Zoom! Whitening is a cosmetic dentistry solution that works through a combination of a ph-balanced gel applied to your teeth and a high-intensity light. Don't worry about your gums—they'll be encased in a protective rubber dam. The whole process takes only about an hour, and the results are stunning. Many patients report that their teeth continue to lighten over the next weeks, six to ten shades in all. And because whiter teeth minimize the appearance of facial wrinkles and fine lines, you'll be proud to show off your new pearly whites—and your more youthful appearance—in family photos.

To touch-up your Zoom! whitened teeth, you may want to consider a take-home whitener. When applied according to manufacturer's directions, at-home teeth whitening provides results similar to in-office teeth whitening procedures. After about two weeks, you'll be flashing your spectacular smile for the camera.

Teeth whitening isn't for everyone, so to find out if you are a candidate, call the Broadview Heights office of Dr. Altizer today for your teeth-whitening consultation. Our office has also served the cosmetic dentistry needs of patients from Parma, Richfield, and Brecksville for more than 20 years.